About Us

4D Learning: Background Information

Who We Are

We are a group of professional educators who share the same passion for teaching children. We see the need for a supplementary/enrichment academic program outside the school, for students who are bored at school and wish to go beyond their grade level, as well as both those who need to catch up with school curriculums. We believe that 4D Learning is the special program that provides the unique resources and opportunities for parents and students to achieve their academic objectives. Since the original program began in February, 1997, we have trained over one thousand students.

What We Do

We bring our knowledge to the students, with the use of the best teaching methods and study materials to help students understand the concepts included in our curriculum. We employ various teaching techniques to help our students -- sometimes based on their personalities and study habits.

Helping students to master good study skills is also part of what we do. We encourage students to think and we are always there to guide them whenever they are lost. We offer individual consultations, 1-on-1 tutoring, and group discussions depending on the situation and students' needs. We set high academic standards and test students' skill levels on their way to success. Students are certified with the 4D Learning Program Grade Level, which is based on national standards.

We not only have our goals set to help students to achieve their academic objectives and beyond, but also help them get accepted into colleges of their choices. 4D Learning Coach provides counseling for these students as they consider applying for college. 4D students who receive this counseling have achieved universal success, navigating the complex application process to get into their top choice schools.

Why We Care

We, the staff at 4D Learning, are driven by our passionate belief that all students have the potential for academic success, above and beyond their grade levels.

* 4D Learning Center: While all of the students in the 4D Learning program have been from various school districts across Rhode Island and neighboring states Massachusetts and Connecticut, students who have received the 4D services cover a much wider region -- many are from other regions in the United States and some from other countries.

* 4D Learning Coach: This college admissions counseling service has an excellent track record. Under the guidance of 4D Learning Coach, many 4D students have been accepted into many top tier colleges, including a great number of students have been admitted into Ivy League and other top tier schools.

Both 4D Learning Center and 4D Learning Coach are part of 4D Learning Program that we provides to all students. So far, the number of students we have trained and advised is approaching 1,000 (one thousand). Overall, all students graduated from high school who have been coached by the 4D Learning Coach Services have been accepted into the colleges of their choices. Our success rate has been 100%.

Next Step

If you are interested in subscribing to any of the 4D Learning programs, or if you have any questions, please call 4D Learning Office at (401) 402-0435 or send us an email to 4dlearning@gmail.com. If you are local, we could set up an appointment. We do not take walk-ins.

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